Friday, November 14, 2014

Jehovah Shalom- peace through hard decisions

Isaiah 26:12 LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

When we need to make a tough decision and we aren't for sure what route to take, we can use God's peace as a way of direction and judgement.  One of the ways the Holy Spirit is manifested is through peace and one of the ways the Holy Spirit reveals sin to us is by giving us a sense of insecurity, danger, or worry about a situation.

Not always does God speak to us in an audible voice like thunder or light up fires to show us signs of His will, but I believe that if we ask Him, He will always give us guidance when we need it. Sometimes that guidance will come in whispers, small voices, and heart feelings. The amazing thing is that when we have a relationship with God and seek His will for our life, He will bless us with this amazing gift of perfect peace. This peace is beautiful and pure- until you have experienced it- you may never understand the feeling of joy and relief brought by the peace of Christ.

This past week I needed to make a very important college decision. I got accepted into the nursing program for next semester but because of my school's change in programming if I accepted the offer to join the program, I would be forced to attend school in the summer and take Fall off. I was very troubled by this choice because on one side I felt the urgency and pressure to get into my major's program as quickly as possible and become a nurse soon so that I can go out and serve the world or get a higher Masters degree even sooner and on the other side, I felt really called to do summer camp ministry and spend time with my family this summer. Many of my nursing friends that applied with me were expecting me to accept with them so that we could do nursing school together. They couldn't understand why I would wait. Upon first instinct, I was super excited about getting in the program and I wanted to just say yes and accept. But then I realized that I should pray about the situation and that I really wanted to do God's will and not my own (after all even nursing as a career is God's will- definitely not a "me" thing.

I didn't receive a clear yes or no answer from God but I feel like he directed my heart and my parents to give me advice to wait until next Fall to enter the program. I was still really nervous about the decision and a bit unsure as I walked to see my nursing adviser whom I would have to inform about my decision. I prayed "Dear God, maybe I'm not listening to you and I'm making the wrong decision. If so just give my adviser wisdom. If she tells me to enter the program I will listen." I prayed that God would confirm my decision I was trying to make with her.

As I explained to her with hesitation why I was considering waiting to enter the nursing program, she kindly listened. Afterwards she looked into my eyes and told me that God would never fail me and that as long as I was following His leading, He would take care of all my classes and help everything to work out for my benefit. She then asked if she could pray with me and affirmed the power of summer camp ministries and prayed that God would bless my life. After talking to her, my heart was filled with so much peace about waiting to enter the nursing program.

To be honest, it's funny because the more I follow God the less what I do makes sense to the world. But the more I follow God, the more peace I have in my heart.

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