Wednesday, November 19, 2014

God doesn't need you to save the world

You want to save the world? Wow what a sweet person you are; I'm sure you will have great success.
Just go over there and visit them for a while.. you can teach all of them your ways.
Or send a million bucks over to a country- wow you genius- you did it- saving lives.
Funny how nobody else has ever tried to be a hero or solve global issues like you before.
Well sleep in your comfy bed with a great conscience- you are a hero.

It amazes me that America has spent 2.3 trillion dollars on trying to annihilate poverty and help solve global issues yet children are still dying everyday from hunger.

I didn't know that the number one Millennial Development Goal in 2015 that political leaders around the world set is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. I didn't realize so many people, teens, political leaders, and even celebrities want the same thing. It seems like with so many grand schemes, great plans, nonprofits.. we'd be there by now or at least doing better.

Why then with all of these great intentions.. aren't we doing much of anything? Maybe it correlates with our faulty beliefs that we can do anything and that our way is probably the best for everyone. Have we ever asked God what His solution is for world poverty?

We grow up being read stories about the little train who could because he believed in himself. We are taught that you can be whatever you want when you grow up.. as long as you work hard.
I'm pretty sure children in Ethiopia- would be told different stories before they go to sleep.
What do you think those would be about?

We think that we can do it all- that we can save the world?
Why then would we need a Savior?
Don't put away your pocket books though, God doesn't write the signs of the times out as an excuse to why you shouldn't do anything while your brothers and sisters in Christ starve on the other side of the world.

He calls us to care. He calls us to love. He doesn't equip us to be superheros, but He does tell us that love is an action not a feeling. We can't do anything but we can do something. We can't solve world poverty but we can make one child's belly full. We can be unselfish and love the people around us and make our teachers' lives a little easier. We can pray for our friends who don't know Jesus that He would save their life. We can obey Christ and when He tells us to serve- we can obey- if He tells us to follow Him- we can go- and when He tells us to wait- we can wait on Him.

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