Friday, October 3, 2014

Learning to "agape" love in a world about ME

This whole week at my school has been a week about redefining our sexuality- God's way. It's called "Fall at the Wall" and prevalent topics that have  been addressed were about dating, pornography, sexuality, and marriage God's way. I really appreciate the fact that we are finally talking about these things- about our sexual society- within the Adventist church because there are some major themes that have needed to be addressed for a long time.

Each issue is so complex and I can think of so many questions that could be addressed about each topic. But tonight I feel like our speaker, Nixon, did a great job of summing up the overall problem "a me centered- passionate society" instead of a God-centered, waiting for God to lead, genuine agape love.

So many things impact the way our society currently views sex and dating, pornography, homosexuality, body image, eating disorders- are impacted by the media. I feel like we are constantly downplaying just how much the media has affected our society and is affecting us as individuals each and every day. There are so many stories about encounters with the media at young ages leading to young addictions in porn or masturbation or misleading females or males to feel uncomfortable with their own sex or even simply in their own body. Movies, music, magazines, books, and the internet-- wow these can be major stumbling blocks and tools for the devil.

So how do we get back to agape love when everything the media is teaching us is wrong?
It's not about us. It's not about me.
Christ sacrificed His son on the cross to teach us sacrifice, to teach us the joy of giving, to teach us the cost of love. I don't believe love is free.

So how do we learn to love like Jesus?
We meet Jesus on our knees.
We don't meet him in our cocky proud spirits, thinking we're all that with our cute outfits and talents- we meet Him when we quiet our selfishness and listen to His Word and ask Him to humble us.

And only then as we learn to love like Jesus
We can learn what it truly means to love another person
Only after we are filled of Jesus' love
Can we have enough love to share with someone else

1 John 4:19 "We love because He first loved us."
He demonstrated perfect love so that we could learn from Him.
We don't need to worry about relationships and finding that "right" person
We need to seek God so that we can be transformed by His love.

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