Monday, October 20, 2014

It just takes one

Sometimes we overlook how much of a difference one person can make in someone else' life.
We think that we have to do BIG things or make Huge sacrifices to show Jesus' love for others.
Yet often it's the small, personal things that make the biggest difference.

One guy in Gym Masters believed in me when no one else did and volunteered to be my two high buddy even though I was the worst on the team.- Because of him I made it through try outs.

One girl offered to pray with me when I looked stressed out even though we weren't that close friends.- Because of her I did well with an interview and felt called to change my major.

One girl chose me as her best friend- when I didn't have any others. Because of her I believed in myself and was able to make friends with many more people.

And it was super cool because lately God has been giving me opportunities to bless others and also just to see the impact "me listening to him" has achieved.

- One girl told my mom yesterday that she remembers that every basketball practice I ran with her after I was done with my laps since she was the slowest. (I totally forgot about that).

- Last week I was able to take a girl to the doctor's office who I had never talked too before and was having an allergic reaction to bees with. She could have gotten seriously ill if she hadn't gone with me.

- One girl has been such a true friend to me- and I never would have known her- except for I saw her sitting alone in the caf. Because I talked to her, she learned to trust me and values me as one of her few friends.

And it's these small things- that are so encouraging- and remind me that we do have a purpose in America. We really don't have to travel across the world to love others like Jesus. There are so many people all around us that are lonely, or hurting, or struggling- honestly we all are: with something- God calls us to be His hands and feet. God calls us to stand up for people. God asks us to be the advocate of the lonely, the awkward, the weak.

It just takes one.

It just takes one
To change tears
Into a smile
Because someone cares enough to make sure they are ok

It just takes one
To pray for someone
And give a person peace
When they are struggling with a test or with anxiety

It just takes one
To give someone a hug
And tell them "You can do it"
And "you matter"

It just takes one.
But it does take one.
It takes one willing, one attentive
To the leadings of Christ.

My friend pleaded with me yesterday
I just need one person
to love me the way Jesus loves

Just one person
Could change my life
and help me live for Jesus again.

Will you be one? Because one is enough for God to use to do something great.

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