Thursday, October 23, 2014

If we lived by faith

I want you to imagine with me a life of blindness. Not just any kind of blindness, but blindness from yourself and the outside appearances of others.

What if you couldn't look in a mirror? Nor could you see who was "cute" and who was "ugly" by their face, muscle tone, or size? Instead of focusing on those things, you had only one goal in life and only one place you could really see clearly. That place was upward- heavenly- and the only face you could truly imagine was the one of Jesus Christ.

In edition to not being able to see a mirror, you couldn't see your own weaknesses or strengths. Instead of knowing that you were good at doing certain things and bad at doing others you would simply follow the upward leadings. Through belief- that many eye- seeing people would refer to as magical or ridiculous- you had this utmost hope and trust in the supernatural and everything you did was God glorified.

Instead of having a plan for your life and following a set career path- your life could seem quite unpredictable and mysterious. Instead of everything always working out, sometimes horrible things happened. But when they did, instead of getting upset, you would simply change directions.

With eyes looking upward fixed on the perfect and most peaceful Creator, every move- was simply hearing and following a loving tender voice. And with every step of the way, the Creator God brought loving words of encouragement"You did it"; "I love you" "You are doing great". You lived with joy and contentment knowing that you weren't mindlessly working but serving a loving King.

2 Corinthians 5:7 We live by faith not by sight.
What would this be like for you?

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