Friday, October 3, 2014

Dear guys

Dear guys,

We need you.
Not to be our knights in shining armor-
We'd like that
but not right now.

We need you
to save yourself.

We're trying to stay pure
As daughters in Christ
We are trying to wear white

We are purifying our music
So that we can hear the Holy Spirit's voice

We are dressing modestly
So that we can encourage you to think pure thoughts
We don't want to be a stumbling block

We are trying to avoid violence and sexual scenes in movies
We want to think thoughts of Christ

We want to be innocent- not naive- when it comes to the evil in this world
It doesn't help when we hear perverse talk coming from the lips
We are trying to talk about things of Christ

We are trying to be soft and gentle
We don't want to have to put up a  fight to protect our self

We are trying to be honest
To be vulnerable
We are trying to trust you
We are trying

When we see you
We watch you
We look at your actions

We want to respect you
We want you to be a leader for our faith

When you make jokes about a girls' body
We lose our respect for you

When you talk about the crude movie you saw on tv last night
We lose our respect for you

When you put someone else down to make yourself look better
We lose our respect for you

And we no longer want to know about the God you serve
We don't want your help or leadership any longer

When you struggle with pornography
And date the wrong girls and get led down the wrong path
When we see you struggling with addiction

We care about you
But we don't know how to help you

1 John 2:13 says "I write to you young men because you have overcome the evil one."

Guys- don't you realize this is war and that you are being attacked. If Satan can deceive you then how much easier it will be for him to deceive us girls as well. We look to you to be our leaders. We see what you are doing, and justify our actions. Please stand up- please follow God- please wait on God- and please be leaders for us in the way of truth and righteousness and the way of agape love.

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