Friday, September 19, 2014

My Poetry


There’s a peace I’ve come to know
When the noise all fades away
There’s a rescue for my soul
That shows me I’m still safe

Wherever I may be
When people say goodbye
I dream of a secret place
Waiting for a spot to hide

I’m finally set free
From people’s pressing wonders, questions
And every single need

There’s victory in my step
Because I’m by myself
All Alone

And I sing Hallelujah
And shout to the mountains
And dance around in circles
Run as fast as I can

I scream to the city
And strip- praise the Lord
Cause these people around me
Aren’t around me anymore

Breathe in Breathe out the air of freedom
The loss of need to impress or be
When I’m by myself
I find my true identity

If Only I Had the Words

This girl is crying because she wants to go home
If only I could tell her I understand
I could comfort her and be there for her
If only I had the words

This young mom is tired of taking care of her baby
If only I could encourage her
Ask her if I could do anything
If only I had the words

This baby is crying for reasons I don't know
If only I could say “baby what's wrong”
I could sing lullabies and tell him I love him
If only I had the words

I wish I could listen to each child's story
I wish I could help them with each thing they've been through
And the ways they have been hurt
If only I had the words 

Give me the words
Or give me something louder
Give me love that is stronger than words

* I wrote this poem while I was experiencing a language barrier volunteering as a missionary in Pucallpa, Peru. I was working at an orphanage and had so much I wanted to share with the children. Yet I was only beginning to learn Spanish.

My Mother Is A Giving Tree

My mother is a giving tree
She gave and she gave and gave
Her branches reached far across the horizon
She produced much faithful fruit
Bananas, strawberries, sweet mangos, and the bluest heavenly grapes

She fed the hungry, the weak, the distressed
She gave and her branches touched
Her fruit provided and made a difference

Though the giving tree grew tired
She could not faint nor grow away
Her roots were planted in deep pure soil
Firm with rain and love from His son above

She tree continued to shine, wave, and dance
Her branches waved despite storms and the weather
No matter what came her way
She stood firm in Christ

Hold me

I look at your face
And my eyes shed a tear
I know my life's good
But I wish you were here

I wish you could hold me
Could see me tonight
I wish you could promise
Everything will be alright

I wish I was little
Let's go back to naive
When trusting was something
I didn't work to achieve

I remember so much
But now our time is so short
I don't want to say goodbye
I fear it will hurt

Do you promise you'll miss me like I will miss you?
Do you promise my heart won't break with all I go through?
Do you promise you'll hold me with all of your might?
Even though I'm far away, I'll never lose sight...
of you.

Hearts in Our Hands

If I were an artist
I'd draw us together
Holding balloons
With our hearts in our hands
But as the wind blows
Our hands would let go
To chase the balloons
To where nobody knows

One day the balloon would go up high
So far away that we could not reach
We would jump
But we would fall
And then we would look at our hands
And wonder

We would chase the waves
And dance with the sea
And one day a heart balloon
would land in our hands again
And we would promise
That hearts last forever


When things get hard or confusing
When you don't understand what God's doing
When you are not doing as well
Stop Running.

When you seem to have lost direction.
When your struggling to heed correction
When life is not perfection
Stop Running

When you feel upside down
When you seem to have lost your crown
When you just keep turning around
Stop Running

Stop running, my child. Stop running. Be still and know that I am God- Psalm 46:10

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