Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just the beginning..

I went on a student missionary retreat this past weekend to this beautiful camp in Tennessee. On the retreat our leaders told us that our journeys as missionaries for Christ were not over, and that in fact, they were just beginning. I find so much hope and truth in this statement.

For me developing a relationship with Christ has brought me so much indescribable joy, peace, and true friends that because they are bonded in God are bonded to me like family. For me, it seems like God has blessed me so much more than I could ever begin to describe or imagine. And God just keeps answering my prayers and dreams and answering the longings of my heart- and I'm just so astounded!

No it's not always easy, but I always have peace if I call upon His name. He promises not to take away my struggles but to take away the worry of them. For He says "Fear not" which is so freeing and powerful- it's a gift- this courage is joy giving and as I overcome each fear of mine in His name I find life and life abundant.
And my God promises to satisfy each and every need- and He knows not just my name and my identity card number- but the deepest parts of my heart and soul. What a God I am blessed to call Savior.

Before I went to Peru, I thought my walk with God was adequate or maybe on a good day- advanced or educated. I thought I had experience, but the more I know God, the less knowledge I have and claim, for I learn that each day is only a new beginning, a new beginning, and a new beginning. And as God continues to work and reveal Himself in me- He trusts me with more and more gifts and opportunities to serve Him as I grow and trust in His name.

God changed me so much in Peru last year and it wasn't easy but it truly was the best year of my life and such a blessing to me. And while I was in Peru my biggest fear about returning back to the states was that I would forget what I learned in Peru and how I lived differently in Peru. But now I know that I will not forget Peru nor what God has done for me in my past. But instead, God will continue to build teach me: rock upon rock, toothpick on toothpick, or even marble on marble- if my walk's shaky- He will continue building.

I'm excited with how God has been leading me this year as I've returned back to Southern.To be honest, it's been really hard me: the transition from missions to school. The time I need to spend studying and focusing- when I want to talk to friends or talk about missions or serve. But there's two really cool ways God has opened doors. One of those ways is co-leading a life group with Bernice Bouzy (a dear friend from Peru) on scripture memorization and another way is starting a hospital ministry for kids called Com Passion. I'm really excited about the hospital ministry- that it's actually happening. I've wanted to start a ministry like this since I was really little. And now the opportunity has arisen to put on hospital shows for the kids and organize visiting groups is finally there- and Southern has made it an approved ministry- and we have 75 interested college students! So exciting =)

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