Saturday, August 2, 2014

What WE (are supposed too) believe

I would like to write about what a SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST believes  because shamefully I believe many of us are not properly taught and neither do we understand. Thus to defend and participate in something without research, knowledge, and understanding is shameful and stupid. We must know what we believe in order to defend it, teach it, and participate fully in our church.

Let's start with the meaning of a Seventh Day Adventist:  a Sabbath day (Saturday) keeper AND believing that Jesus will come soon.

Thus if you don't keep the Sabbath day holy from work why are you an SDA?
If you are not preparing for Jesus's coming then what are you doing? Why has the focus lately shifted from "Jesus is coming soon" to other things?

We are also unique from every other religion because of three things:
            "1.We are the only people who find our prophetic roots, or history, predicted in Revelation 
* cleansing of the sanctuary-1844- birth of Adventism- predicted as "little book" or chapter of Daniel finally revealed. It was sealed until the proper time. (2300 day prophecy)

            2.         We are the only people who find our prophetic identity defined in Revelation 12.
* The Bible talks about a remnant people or church who have two specific characteristics which we claim to have as Adventists: 1. keeping all 10 commandments (we keep the Sabbath day God commanded holy)2. Spirit of Prophecy (Ellen G. White).

Ellen G White and the Spirit of Prophecy is a central part of Adventistm.
Do you believe that we are the remnant and what should this mean to us?

            3.         And we are the only people who find our prophetic message and mission given in Revelation 14. "

* 3 Angel's Message: final message of warning to the world
The First Angel's Message calls us to worship our Creator God and recognize the hour of judgment.
The Second Angel's message shares what will happen to Babylon.
The Third Angel's message calls us to keep God's commandments and not obtain the mark of the beast.

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