Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missions- where my heart is

I'm reading about philosophy about arguments: premises, validity, and soundness to reach a conclusion of logic but somewhere my heart sees between the words: Missions, love, orphans. Is it logical for me to be studying philosophy and drugs and society and health when I want to spend my life in missions? My mind just can't seem to concentrate or to focus. These classes are really challenging me- they are only interesting for so long. I can't help dream and day dream about Peru, and Africa, and India, and every other country with NEEDS so very BIG.

I really want to give my life to missions. My heart misses it so much. I want to work at an orphanage. I want to advocate for human rights and maybe work at World Vision. I know I need to graduate with an education- but wow this is so hard. Studying is so foreign to me now =( My room seems such a lonely depressing place. All I want to be is OUTSIDE and with God and serving others and playing with kids and doing mission work and having friends.. and not studying.

My goal for this year is to FOCUS. So often in the past, I have ruined relationships: with God and with others by being too busy. This year I want to focus on three things: 1. God, 2. School work, and 3. Relationships. It's so much easier than it sounds though. Honestly, I'm really struggling with the transition back to college from mission work and summer camp.

I know that God has plans for me where He wants me thus I'm trying not to live in the past nor in the future. I must do my best with my classes so that I can graduate with a health science degree. Southern is a training place for God's workman and woman ;) I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to go to such an amazing and spiritual school. I am so blessed. May God give me a grateful heart =)

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  1. I do not recommend World Vision. They do nice things for children, but go against G-d when it comes to Israel. You can see some of their views here,

    Here is another article about them.

    So unfortunately they do not follow G-d when it comes to Israel.