Monday, August 18, 2014

Human Sex Trafficking

"There is no human rights subject
on which governments have said so much
but done so little” M. Cherif Bassiouni
I didn't learn about human sex trafficking for a long time. Too long of a time I believe. I had heard the rumors ya- I guess I heard them beginning in high school. But it wasn't until college that I truly began to understand, this is real. These are a few facts about sex trafficking that I found from NVader as site working to stop the sex trade. There is a problem if people don't even know. There is a bigger problem if people don't even care. This is slavery- like the black and white a while back- yes this is like that, maybe worse who knows- but this is real too. And we can be abolitionists or we can not care- we only have two options.

  • There are more people in slavery now than at any other time in history.
  • More then 2 million woman and children are trafficked into the commercial sex industry each year.
  • Human trafficking is the fastest growing means by which people are enslaved and the fastest growing international crime, second only to illegal drug trafficking
  • Human trafficking earns criminal networks more than US$32 billion annually and within the next ten years many estimate that sex trafficking will become the number one source of income for organised crime
  • 80% of those trafficked are female and 50% of those trafficked are children
  • The majority of trafficked victims come from the poorest and most vulnerable people groups on earth
  • The profits from just one trafficked woman or child average around US$250,000 US per year.  This is money she will never see.

Now I know what your thinking Great but too bad I can't do anything about it right? But that's so wrong. Because advocacy and knowledge are so valuable in helping to stop human trafficking. To start out with, to really help someone, you have to know what they are really like. In order to be a good advocate, you have to know the ins and outs of your cause and what organizations are the best at helping. Thus the first step is research.
-Research - Advocacy -Prayer - Starting Movements  - Starting petitions  - Stopping Porn

Things to research to begin:

1. The relationship between porn and the sex trade. You need to know so that you can fight against porn
(Pornography comes from the Greek words porne, meaning “prostituted woman” or “prostitution”, and the word graphos, meaning “writings.” If we can begin to comprehend that what is depicted in pornography is not simply sex or sexuality, but commercial sexual exploitation, we can begin to rightly appreciate the negative and corrosive effects of this content. (Covenant Eyes).

"if prostitution is the main act, porn is the dress rehearsal" (the Johns)

"On other occasions victims are trafficked for the sole purpose of porn production. In today’s era of webcams and chatrooms, the lines between interactive pornography and virtual prostitution websites have been blurred.  (Covenant Eyes)"

2. Read these amazing stories. The first is  about a wife who is a missionary with her family in Asia and has to let her husband go into the brothels every day to help stop the sex trade.
The second is about what it really takes to rescue a sex slave.

3. This is a really great video about why we should do something.

So yes this is just a start. But now you know- so now it's your choice. To care or not to care.

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