Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crazy Busy

"If God can't make you bad He will make you busy" -it's funny how this quote written on my laptop home page along with 8 other "sticky notes" never changed anything in my life. I wonder why.

I've always been a busy person - non committed- but big on trying things, doing things, checking them off the list- and once I get them, never going back. I used to be proud of this- that I'm so great at multitasking- "juggling"- but unfortunately it's not always the blessing you may think.

You see my dad and brother like to tell me this distraction and multitasking is why I'm not extremely great at anything (not exactly their words) but you get the gist. I can juggle pretty good (working on 5 balls, knives, and fire) but not good enough to compete or make money, I am pretty smart but not smart enough to get a full right, pretty athletic but not athletic enough.. The list goes on. They like to tell me that you can be amazing at one thing- and devote your life too it- or be good at alot of things.

I like to call myself well rounded.

Until recently, I had never realized how much Business is of the Devil. It's not productivity. Too much business is a sin. And why is it a sin? Productivity becomes your idol.

This summer at camp, I tried to have three jobs- counselor, lake lifeguard, and spiritual director. I loved being a counselor but unfortunately my time and energy with my campers and co-counselor was always stolen. I used to love lifeguarding and driving the boat- but it often became a time to brainstorm about the many things I would need to do that day. And I was so pumped about being spiritual director- but it was a hot mess of too many to- do lists.

And honestly it was probably my worst summer ever at Wewoka Woods. Not because of one job, nor the staff, nor anything else- simply because I was too busy. I was too busy to have friends. Too busy to hang out with my best friends. Too busy to laugh and be crazy. And too busy to find God.
This I do regret- but with every mistake and hardship- there is a lesson that can be learned or missed. Right now I am trying to learn this lesson because I know that being busy is a HARD thing for me.

Why is busy so terrible? (I'm going to use the book "Crazy Busy" by Kevin Deyoung to help me)
1. It steals your joy.
2. Busyness and cares of this world can consume our lives and make it difficult to find God.
3. Busyness can cover up the sins in your life and rot in your souls.
4. Busyness can hide your need of God and keep you from spending time with Him.

"Busyness does not mean that you are a faithful or fruitful Christian . It only means you are busy, like everyone else."- Kevin Deyoung

Now here are some trends of why we may be so busy. If we can admit that these are the reasons Why we are so busy- and realize they are often fallacies- we can overcome them. (Deyoung)

1. People Pleasing- We do whatever makes other people happy. Jesus was not a people pleaser. He was a God- pleaser. The only person we need to please is the Lord.
2. Performance Evaluation- You are not indispensable. You do not make life work and you are not the life-line nor supergirl/ superman. You do not have to do everything.
3. Possessioins. Working hard to save to get more possessions. Christ asks us not to invest in worldly things that will soon fade away.
4. Proving myself. If someone does not respect you after you have done a good job, let them go. We cannot prove ourselves to everyone.
5. Poor Planning. We put too many things into our schedule.
6. Pride- We post on facebook to please others, we want to do a good job because we feel pride in our work, we worry about our own reputation.

I think business is one of the worst feelings in the world- because you give up your peace and joy for restlessness and anxiousness. Not just that, but when you choose to be busy, you choose to be lonely. Often you hurt the people in your life that truly matter the most to you.

For my life, one of the greatest contrasts is how I lived in Peru when I had all the time in the world compared to how I lived this past summer as Spiritual director when I was soooo busy. Now I understand why I want to go out in missions. Missions normally helps alot with business because it takes away daily distractions, many jobs, media, and makes you focus on one thing.

But I don't want to live my life BUSY anymore, even if I am living here in America.
I need to Stop and refocus my life on God and the things that matter. If you want too as well, here are some simple ideas.
First evaluate your priorities and what you want to do the most in life. Then evaluate where you spend your time. Next circle the places where you are spending time that are not in your priorities. For me this would be pinterest, internet browsing, shopping, movie watching, eating junk food, ect.
Next decide how you will stop wasting time doing things you do not care about.
Since I often do things radically, too radically, here are my ideas on how to free up my life. These are goals, not rules. And I will be trying this out and seeing how much I like it, not setting a time limit.
Oh my here goes. Alright I will not be blogging for a little while- sorry friends.

Some radical solutions for my distracted, busy life:
  1. Social Media and Internet Fast- this means no blogging, no reading, no researching- only checking email once a day. No facebook and definitely no pinterest.
  2. No reading books just for fun. No reading useless reading material. No reading Christian fix-its until I have been “full” of the world of God.
  3. No movies unless my friends beg me to watch them- and it is a “friendship investment” not a filler or fad thing to do.

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