Sunday, July 27, 2014

Your Moment

I've read stories of teens who went on mission trips and when David, or Annie, or little Sophia ran into their arms hands in the air, fully trusting,  their heart broke. And that one motion is the thing that led them to a changed life.

I don't think it's a joke, cliche, or an exaggeration. I think it's a miracle. That in one moment, a child- with eyes and hands wide open, an innocent and utmost struggle and plea for help, for love, for attention- that someone's heart might come to life and realize this is their moment to shine.
This is their opportunity to say Yes, I see a need and will do something about it. Yes, I care enough about this child not to simply hold them but to investigate in their future and advocate for their wellbeing. Yes, poverty and sex trafficking and child abuse and orphans are real and yes I have been blessed so that I may give to others.

And sometimes I wonder in amazement at the child's faith in God to respond to His calling: my child be brave, lift up your arms one more time, give up a cry one more time. I wonder how many times these children have been denied the right to be held- because they don't have someone who loves them- or the loved don't have enough time.

I've visited an orphanage in Peru where I was asked not to pick up a child. This child was special. He was always wanting to be held. He was always doing the wrong thing, in the wrong place, acting completely ridiculous- but he did it all to get attention. You see this child needed love. But he was denied it countless times... And I marvel at the courage of this child as day and day pass, and his orphan mom spanks him for disobedience.. to still lift up his hands and cry.

Pick me. Hold me. Love me. Choose me.
I'm real. I'm alive and I'm in need.
Will this be your moment?
Can I be your moment to shine?

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