Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

Have you ever experienced that life shattering, mind blowing experience where you realize this is real. This is really happening to me. Bad things can happen to me- really bad things. And my Jesus bubble is not going to get me out of every rough circumstance.

I've lived a very happy Christian princess American dream type lifestyle: great family, great friends, good opportunities. Sometimes it's easy to think that because I'm following God this is like a reward or something. Like if anything bad happens, all I have to do is pray to God and He will fix it. But life isn't like that... Life is unfair, terribly wicked, and unjust. Just look around at all the starvation, innocent babies dying, and messed up families. Still don't believe bad things happen to good people?

-What about that pure and faithful couple that pray and cry and sob to Jesus every morning that there child who is mentally challenged and needs cognitive and oral corrective surgeries could experience a normal life? And day and night pass- and the boy is the same- fighting his way for life in and out of a hospital.

What about that boy who lives across the world in Asia and wants to follow Jesus and be a teacher, but gets beaten every single day for standing up for God. What about him?

And what about my mom who I convince to volunteer at a Christian summer camp because she is amazing with kids and then she gets hurt? What about that? Like why God did she have to get hurt playing capture the flag when she was helping others, she was making a difference in young girls' lives. She did make a difference- her two special children she worked for chose to get baptized. So why God are you punishing her? Or why does it seem that way?

Job is so smart he says "Can we only expect good gifts from God and not bad?" Why do we instinctually blame God for all the bad things. Like it has to be God's fault right- cuz there's no sin or anything in the world that could be the problem/

Despite what some pastors and churches may teach, following Jesus doesn't win you a carefree lifestyle. In fact, Jesus promises us that in this world we will have trials and tribulations. It's normal- this life is messed up, sin filled!

We must not try to make the present into a heavenly earth. It's not supposed to be. No our thoughts aren't supposed to be here in the present (in the worries, stresses, pain, temporary gains, or material objects). We are supposed to be homesick for heaven- our true home.

It's so hard when bad things happen to good people, but this world is not our home. These earthly, weary bodies are not ours to keep- they are the Lords. Our materials and possessions are literally meaningless here. We have the hope of a better day, a perfect day, and God's beautiful Creation. And bad things won't happen anymore.

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