Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Never Ending Summer

8 week camp marathon- let's go. I just finished my eighth week of summer camp at Wewoka Woods and loved it. Yes camp has it's good and bads and being Admin definitely puts a new spin on the camp scene. Nevertheless, I love summer camp. It's powerful,effective, and fun. If you've never been I hope you check it out and consider volunteering or working one summer.

Disney world style- until you go to camp and experience it, you will never understand. Camp is a place out of this world, where you can be a kid again, you jump around every night singing songs, sport your craziest tie dye shirt and basketball shorts, stay up late watching pg movies and eating popcorn with campers, and do the weirdest things in skits. Camp is a place where you unplug from technology and see people for the way they truly are. You work hard and play hard- all day long- every day until you are utterly exhausted. And you make the bestest friends EVER!

I work at Wewoka Woods Adventist Center- of the smallest camps in America, located in farm-ville Oklahoma. It's an amazing place for me- this camp has changed my life in so many ways.

I work at the place where I decided to truly live for God when I was only seven years old. I work at the camp I've spent 8 summers being the excited camper and 5 years being a driven staff. I work at a camp where I have seen Jesus countless times in relationships, experiences, and campfires. I love my job and the ministry that it has for many children around the nation.

I believe in summer camp because I believe in kids getting an opportunity to hear about God and be loved no matter what their background. Summer camp is a place where kids can be themselves- taken away from their struggles at home or in school- kids can see God with new eyes.

I want to share with you 10 crazy fun things that happened to me this summer at camp:

1. I learned how to tie dye like a pro ;) hahaha I'm pretty proud
2. I learned how to hula hoop and do special tricks.
3. I fell in love with my princess named Ruth Anne most precious girl ever.
4. I LOVED counseling with Dani Cantu and we totally rocked out the Fireflies with slumber parties, movie nights, and late night testimony time the lake.
5. I learned how to be a spiritual leader.
6. I planned and produced my own Friday night skit and it actually turned out pretty cool. I even got to act in it and see how it really impacted the campers.
7. I washed about 40 campers feet and got my feet washed by one of them.
8. I learned that I don't hate special ed children at all but just need to work on my patience.
9. I lost 10 lbs (hip hip hooray).
10. I got to teach a mission class!!! And I had so many cute little kids telling me about how they wanted to be a missionary! It just made my heart so happy!

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