Sunday, May 11, 2014


Tomorrow I'm going to TSR (Texas Ski Ranch) home of these amazing wakeboarders and crazy people who do all these big jumps around the cable. I've been there a lot before and I've been wakeboarding before a lot. One time I went over this little slider jump and I made it, but the second time I went around I crashed hard on it.

Ever since that time, I've been TERRIFIED of going over the jump. It's stupid, but I'm just afraid of getting hurt. I really want to overcome my fear and just go over it but I'm so scared. Honestly, being scared of crashing is really messing up my wakeboarding time because I'm to the point where it isn't even that fun anymore riding. Plus all my family goes over jumps, so I'm like the scared one stuck behind.

It's interesting because as I do "self-talk" I feel stupid for feeling so afraid and I know I should just go for it. I know I should say my prayers and just try it instead of letting fears hold me back.

How many things do we not even try or give one more try too because we are too afraid? Why are we so afraid of falling and so afraid of failing and so afraid of what other people think?

Tomorrow I'm going to try the jump even though it's very very very scary for me. Please pray for me =) But don't just let me take all the risks and steal your fun ;) What have you always wanted to do but always been too afraid to try? What fear are you letting hold you back from failure?

Deep breath. I can do this. Yes please pray for me tomorrow.

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