Friday, May 9, 2014

Physical Therapy

This past week I've been doing some job shadowing with a physical therapist as well as spending some time with my family, recovering from lice, and planning spiritual activities for camp.
Volunteering at the physical therapy clinic has been going really well ( and I suppose I have been learning a lot from watching). I have 4 more days of shadowing until I will have half of my required hours for PT school.

My ultimate goal for Physical Therapy is to open a pediatrics training and rehabilitation clinic where kids can receive treatments including therapy classes and aquatic therapy. Two of my biggest passions are the water and kids. I would love to go to Orlando Health College so I can work at the Florida Disney Pavillion: one of the best kids friendly pt clinics in the states.

I miss Peru and missions. There is a gap in my heart that something is missing. I am still overly happy about my bed and walking barefoot. When someone mentions poverty, I see my friends. When someone says orphanage, my mind is transported backwards to a place where I live. My heart is into missions and I want to travel around the world and help people.

Some people don't understand. Actually I frequently feel like nobody understands me and what Peru was like. Often I excitedly tell people I volunteered in Peru and instead of asking questions they simply say "cool."

When I tell people I want to be a missionary longer, they think I want to waste my money traveling around the world. While I agree that missions is expensive, I think that it is a sacrifice for Christ that ends up blessing you and the people ten times more than the cost.

Overall, being home is really wonderful and my family and I are going camping this weekend.

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