Sunday, May 4, 2014


Never pity missionaries; envy them. They are where the real action is -- where life and death, sin and grace, Heaven and Hell converge.”
Robert C. Shannon

I'm home now and it's a wonderful, warm, and comfortable feeling, but I have no regrets for how and where I spent the last eight months doing the Lord's work in Peru. I know that the things I learned, friends I made, and experiences I shared will stay in my heart for a long time. As well, I have experienced a wonderful addiction to service, love, and Jesus that I hope stays in my heart a long long time.

Being with my family again is amazing. Currently, I'm working on cleaning my life up. Detox, hair cut, long baths LOL. I'm also searching for my purpose and passion for my life, you know back in the states again. I think I want to do physical therapy so I'm working on doing some job shadowing. I also have a great job lined up for me this summer at camp as spiritual director and counselor.

I can tell you one thing though: I'm addicted to service. I'm addicted to travel. I'm addicted to changing the world (or at least my beginning efforts too.) And most importantly: I'm addicted to Jesus Christ my Savior.

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