Thursday, May 15, 2014


So I have these 2 kinda crazy dreams that I want to start at Southern next year. I know it starts like a lot to start both but the hospital program will only be a once a month thing and the African Circus Project weekly.

Sooooo here goes:

Hospital Children's Program is a once in a month volunteer opportunity for Southern students to go to the children's hospital and perform for them. I wanted to get it so that we could go every other week, but were just starting so I'm happy they're just letting us go! Sooo at Southern all I need to do is promote the Hospital Program and find 10 performers to go every week and a few cars ;) that will be easy!

The second one: the African Circus Project is a little more complicated/ in depth. It's about human rights advocacy and fundraising both for world issues and so that our team can visit and volunteer in Africa for 4-6 weeks. So basically the African Circus Project targets 4 groups: orphans, sex trade, clean water, and child hunger as well as 4 performers in dance, music, aerial silk, and juggling. The African Circus Project would do small shows around the area and Tennesse (about 5 a semester) charging about $3 a ticket. The shows would double as a talent showcase (we would all have African outfits) and human rights advocacy as each performer would speak about one of the four target projects. We would also sell African Circus Projects t- shirts at the shows. About 50% of the money would go to African problem solving and the other half directly to our teams' expenses for our mission trip to Africa.

So ya those are my crazy ideas ;)
Anyone have any African outfits?

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