Monday, May 19, 2014

Dare to listen, try to care

 I thought that when I got back to the states, everyone would want to hear about Peru. I mean at least a little bit, like give me five minutes right. But I was wrong. Nobody really cares. And honestly that hurts because Peru is part of who I am.

There was a lady in the grocery store yesterday who when heard my mom bragging about me traveling to Peru started grilling me questions and asking God to bless me. She really cared about my experience and she touched me. I just felt such a bond to this lady, and I felt God's love in her. All she did was listen.

My family tries to listen, and a few of my closer friends listen too. It's hard though when people don't ask questions or try to understand. A big part of it is people are busy- they don't invest a lot of time in relationships whether that be family relationships or the people they encounter daily at their work or in the grocery store.

In Peru, one of my favorite things about the culture was the time change. In Peru, people value relationships much more than I've seen many Americans do. In Peru, store owners want to hear what you an American are doing in Peru. They want to say hi; they want to talk; they just hang around.

I think that to follow Christ we have to learn to slow down. We must get out of this world's rat race and put relationships first. We must learn to listen to others. It's amazing how much you can bless someone and show them Jesus' love by simply listening and trying to understand.

Just yesterday, one of my best friends Kara who I haven't seen in a year, texted me and said she couldn't wait to catch up and here about Peru. And just her saying that, knowing that she cares about me, made my heart so jumpy and happy. We were made to share our joys, our struggles, and our life stories with each other! God created us for relationships!

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