Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the end of service

How will they remember me?
Did I leave a legacy?
Did I love like Jesus?
Will it be enough?

What will happen when I'm gone?
Will they gain strength and move on?
Will I stay in their hearts
Like I hope they stay in mine

Did my kisses make a difference?
Did I serve and do it right?
Does my smile look like Jesus' face
Even through my darkest fight

My heart is torn and broken
From the suffering and pain
That I've witnessed that I 've shared
That's fell on me like rain

While I travel to a place
That's nice, warm, and free
These friends who are now my family
Won't accompany me

They will struggle with hunger
They will fight off disease
The worms in their belly
Will never release

It just doesn't seem fair
It's not quite right
That I go back to a place
So pretty and bright

I want to take them with me
Want to shake their world around
Want to show them luxury
In a world of fancy crowns

Because to them, my house is a castle
A house is their biggest dream
They've never stepped on carpet
They've never even been clean

So I pray and pray to Jesus
Just help them please
And I know my God is able
To meet all their needs

He tells me little daughter
You are blessed so you can give
Don't ever fail to remember
To share so others can live

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