Thursday, April 3, 2014

LICE- and true friends

I remember one time I got lice at summer camp, I was16 years old, and a camper in my cabin had spread her lice to me. I was so disgusted and scared when I first found out that I ran crying all the way across camp to find my best friend Kara in her staff house. When she saw me: a frantic mess, she hugged me and dried my tears. She asked me what was wrong, and when I responded she took me to my cabin and began lice treating me immediately. Together we found enough food to have a party and we played music too. She took out all my lice that day by picking out all my knits. What a true friend =)

Earlier this year, when I went to live at the orphanage, I got lice. I was really upset and I didn't know what to do nor want to cause a scene.  My friend Lisa saved my day and picked out all my knits up until twelve or so in the morning. I was so thankful and relieved. It seemed that all my lice went away as I did a few follow up treatments.

About two weeks ago, my hair started itching REALLY bad. Then about a week ago I found little bumps on my scalp. I did a lice treatment, then a natural lice remedy, then another treatment- yet nothing worked! Today my good friend Megan nit picked my hair and said she found LIVE lice- the actual bugs that hadn't even been affected by the treatment. In addition as she picked my hair, she found tons of bumps that started bleeding on my head. These little bugs have been sucking my blood so much that there are now bumps on my scalp. They hurt and itch so bad.

I"m really sad and discouraged. Having lice makes me want to go home where it's easy to treat things with hot water and feel better. I know I only have 3 and a half weeks left, so I am doing my best to fight the little bugs until then. I'm not the only one in the AMOR house that has them. Now we have 3 other girls.

Prayers would be appreciated for us as the struggle continues to be real =) Thanks guys and I thank God for best friends who take care of me!

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