Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm in my typical chill spot: my bottom bunk bed, under my mosquito net, with a window view of the rain and the peeking children. I'm listening to music and looking at old pictures.

Today we went to celebrate Christian's birthday. Christian is a special boy at our church (actually now my old church). Christian plays a huge part in the K13 church. He does the children's program, helps organize speakers, and even sings the songs. This kid is so responsible, so mature, and so caring. He turned 16 today! He wants to be a preacher.

Honestly it's really inspiring to see Christian taking God so seriously and holding such an important leadership role in the church. You just don't see many young people doing that anymore, and it's sad.
For his birthday, we kidnapped him from his house and blindfolded him. We took him to the new mall in town and bought him brand new soccer cleats and a soccer ball. He was in shock. He almost started crying. It was so rewarding to see how happy he was. This guy has a very simple house with a few wooden rooms and doesn't have a lot of materials to call his own. After he finally got over being stunned and picked out some shoes, he had us over to his house for some arroz chaufa and juice.

As we were returning from his party, it was raining. We pulled into the AMOR gate and watched this crowd of about 20 people running over to the clinic and starting to form a line. The people had lined up in the rain waiting for us to register them for clinic. It's just so sad; so mind boggling. These people are so desperate for our medical help. They can't afford to go to a doctor or a hospital. So they come hours early and wait in the rain, for our help. What an opportunity we have here to serve the needs around us!

Today Kirsten, my dear friend and relatively new sm here to AMOR was very sick. It started two nights ago with vomiting and diarrhea. Poor girl had to go on an iv that got infiltrated and even visit the hospital today. Being sick in Peru is rough. Prayers for her and for all the sick sm's would be appreciated.

 The 30 day countdown has begun. Precisely 28 more days til I will fly home. How crazy =)

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