Thursday, April 10, 2014


It was about to be a good day of fence building.. I had just walked to the local food stand where there was homeade orange juice and cookie crackers. I had worked hard, but it hadn't actually been too miserable. I had scraped up my right arm pretty deep with one of the metal pokey-points but overall I was ok. My nailing had improved to about a 50% 1 on 1 ratio and a 98% 2 try ratio. It was a beatiful night and the sun was setting.

When all of a sudden the attack happened. Similar to the last attack that happened at the swimming pool I was the naieve unsuspecting victem of many wasps. Unlike the swimming pool incident the wasps went for my back and hands instead of my hair- stinging multiple times. I yelled but was alone.. again. I ran as fast as I could.. dropping my crackers and I jumped in the nearest shower.

After I finally dragged myself out of the shower which somehow helped, I forced myself to go help Molly drag in cows. I got myself a long stick and felt like quite the country cow girl hearding cows and bulls along to their pens. Oh K38- it's always a farm like adventure, which is why I wanted to come out here before I went home.

Day 2:
"You might actually like it"- Megan told me the day I left when I was telling her it was funny why I wanted to go out to K38 because I don't like manual labor. This morning was extremely tiring- hoeing around palm trees. But after all the work in the morning, Jaudiel gave me a fresh coconut right off the tree. It was amazing!! I actually thought I didn't like coconuts but no the juice was so sweet, pure, and paradise-like. Then after fighting with the thing to get the "meat" out- it was sooo delicious!

Being out at K38 and doing manual labor is rough on me. I'm just so exhausted. Working seems to take forever. I'm glad after it's done though- I feel like I've accomplished something and gotten a little stronger.

Wednesday: Day 3

It's exactly three weeks til I go home. Wow I can't wait. It seems I've been waiting for this day for forever..I just have to get through today then only 2 more days left on the "farm".

I'm done with another day of work! And I just had the BEST dinner ever- two glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice and 3 mini bananas. Honestly fruit is definitely the thing you crave when you are out in the heat all day. But now I'm done!!

Working at K38 wasn't terrible but it definitely wasn't fun either. I'm so happy to be back at K8 where I can talk to my parents again and teach my swimming kids.

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