Monday, April 14, 2014

Bible studies

Buy me tracts and Bible studies because I want to study with my friends and family, neighbors, and acquaintances in America. If I can give studies here to people who I don't even know and they will listen, how much more will people who respect me or love me listen. If I can lead someone to Jesus in Spanish how much more so in my own language and idioma? How much more of an impact can I have when I witness to those who are closest to me? This friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, investing in an intimate spiritual friendship- this is the rock of Christ's own heart.

People will listen more than you think they will. And how will they know what you believe if you never talk about it? What a shame to think that in the end days your friend who dearly loved you would say “Why didn't you ever tell me?” We are held accountable not only for the things we do but for the things we do not do as well.

Why is it that we find ourselves sharing so much with our friends but often leaving out the very thing that makes our soul shake and spin. If we are of Christ then our sweetest talks should be of Him (EGW).

EGW writes “When the redeemed stand before God, precious souls will respond to their names who are there because of their faithful, patient efforts put forth in their behalf, the entreaties ad earnest persuasions to flee to the Stronghold. Thus those who in this world have been laborers together with God will receive their reward.”

We are representatives of Christ and we can not let this be taken lightly. Every time we sin we represent the Devil, team up with Him, and prove our own slavery. But every time we help a brother in need or pray over him in Christ's name, God is glorified. People will decide who we are following and on what side of the battle we are fighting based on our actions. If we are fighting for Christ: for freedom and love, we must always carry with us the sweet fragrance of Christ's righteousness. If we say to be following God but then sin, we risk wounding a brother or sister in Christ and misrepresenting Jesus' name.

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