Monday, March 31, 2014

The Little Things.. I'm gonna miss

I was walking back from swim lessons when I felt a buzz, then a sting... and roar- I was attacked by six ferocious Peruvian wasps. My swimming classes boys were too far in the distance and didn't hear my screams. I was all alone.. surviving in the Peruvian jungle. I yelled and then ran, throwing my sandals off to the woods, I dashed for the pool- gripping 2 wasps that were in my hair trying to attack my scalp. WATER! Just like a movie I sprinted back to the pool and took a huge jump in. Thankfully, like magic, the wasps died and I picked the two out from my now knotted hair. ..

The electricity went off and then all that was heard was the awestruck wonder and excitement as sm's went outside and glanced at the heavenly skies. The stars were lit up with wonder and all the sm family gathered together for songs, hugs, and star gazing. It was so beautiful that Kirsten and I decided we just had to look at it more, all night long. We dragged our mattresses, sheets, and pillows to the dirt center in our field and plopped down in wonder for a dreamy night.

The van was loaded and all through our house, every creature was stirring including that mouse. Then all of a sudden, without much warning, the cat was inside and the mouse was still stirring. Then with a meow and a cheer one or two the cat got the mouse and we knew what to do. We sang and we clapped and we hugged our dear cat. And the mouse hasn't been back since that grand day..

All we wanted was some icecream to share... What we got was a half of a pineapple. Filled with fruit and yogurt. Topped with three scoops of ice cream: mint, strawberry, and cookies and cream. Covered in whipped cream. With grapes and cherries on top, plus an umbrella = FUN night out with the Peruvian fam.

It was a HOT day and the last thing we wanted to do was run around. But when doctor says Pathfinder games and says teachers first, we know what to do: get intense. Hand ball. We had to throw the ball to our team mates and get it to the goal on the other side. We were slipping and sliding, throwing, and tackling.. covered in sweat. But with Pathfinder games with doctor leading- it's sure to be a FUN ADVENTURE. Later we played this crazy can't talk, have to guess the word game, we have some competitive players in the house ;)

Homeade hummus, homemade granola, banana ice cream, mango walks...

A hike to the Swamp Champ a climb into our secret star tower...

This is the life I live- and sometimes it's easy to forget just how special life really is here. We give kisses, hold babies, give shots and meds, hold scared hands, coat ourselves with bug spray, and take freezing cold showers every day. We eat mangos every day! We also sing, tell jokes, and know each other SO well! Ok this is our "It's Peru" song that we created this year.

It's Peru whatcha gonna do
When everything smells like a little bit of poo

It's Peru how you gonna role
Gringos you make sure you wash that bowl  (we have dirty kitchen dish washing syndrome)

It's Peru you got blonde hair
Kids are gonna touch it so you better not care

It's Peru mama mia
Guess you got some diahreaa

It's Peru here's the situation
You might also get some constipation

It's Peru how you gonna kiss
You aim for the cheek and you better not miss

It's Peru how you gonna love
Dr. Galilee was sent from above

What. What. Que pasa?

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