Sunday, March 2, 2014

Southern's here!

There are college students in the hammocks, in the dental clinic, filling and overflowing every room, and sleeping at K38- Southerner's have finally arrived at AMOR. It's quite exciting and fun! We have so many new friends- so many kind, helpful students willing to jump in and ready to learn.

I know for me, it's just so amazingly encouraging to meet new people that are my age and to encourage them in service. Before they came, I was really struggling and unmotivated: tired and wanting to count down the days before I could home. But the Southern crew has brought so much positive energy and excitement- it's really great!

It's exhausting though as we have loaded their schedules- and that means tons of work and planning. I'm sooooo tired from planning the children's program every night and running around in clinic trying to help the new doctors and new students learn how to run different areas. It's totally worth it though- I'm so socially and spiritually encouraged.

Today we had our first medical campaign and we had a huge turnout. I helped with vitals, but mostly ended up running back and forth for one of the new doctors and helping with what was needed (no problems there =) We saw over 150 patients! We even removed a tumor on this poor baby girls' head- it was so sad. I helped hold the baby and put the gauze on.

Tonight will be our second evangelism program, and we have two different locations that we are serving: K13 and K9 (the brand new church called Socorrito that I have been helping at). We have split all the missionaries up evenly between the two churches, and at each one we have a children's evangelism program and adult meeting with Southern speakers and translators. I'm helping at K9 and it's really awesome because almost all the people are "baby Christians" who we have been doing Bible studies with and are just hearing the word of God for the first time. Many people are so excited, asking questions, and even deciding to get married as they hear God's will for them and their families.

Please pray for us here! We need ALOT of prayer! Please pray for the children's program at Socorrito that the kids will be blessed. Pray that God works and that we can glorify Him with our actions and leadership! Please pray that people hear God's word of life and change their hearts!

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