Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Global Issues- a career in GPS

Child hunger, malnutrition, lack of water, human sex trafficking, lack of education, wars and rumors of wars- these are signs of the times. These are also global issues that need help. People all around the world have needs- various needs- and are searching for someone to help them. Most of all they are searching for something to fill them within, to give them passion worth living for, a purpose, and a life that goes beyond what earth can offer us.

Does it bother you that today 21,000 children died around the world because of poverty? Does it concern you that around one in three young girls around the world have been molested? Does it make you think that when so many of your neighbors, friends, and maybe even your family is becoming overweight families in Africa and India are skin and bones and dying every day. Do you even care?

Why are we so blinded that we can not see what is truly going on around us in the world today and feel compassion for the needs? How can we continue to live like wealthy, naïve, spoiled citizens when we KNOW that OUR resources, time, and money can save lives each and every day. How can we simply turn our heads and pass the card to someone else?

I know for me, coming to Peru has really shaken my world and changed my reality. Every day I come in contact with kids that don't have loving families, don't have money for education, and often don't have money for much food. They are some of the most beautiful, loving, happy people I ever met yet they live in shabby "huts" and don't have access to clean water. Yet I am expected to return to America in 2 months and live how I used to live? How can I live a radical life of service to Christ in America where  society is so often consumed with selfishness, vanity, money, and popularity. How can I resort to living a typical college life about me? I can't. Not when I know there's so many global issues- so many needs- that I can do something about.

Christ writes in the Bible that in the times of judgment we will be known by what we did to the "least of these". To the people around the world or in our city that are the "least"- the hungriest, the poorest, the most distraught. How did we treat those people? What did we do when nobody else was looking? Christ calls us to share with the world and everyone we come in contact with- the Gospel of Christ.

We may think: being a missionary is expensive, or giving my money to help the homeless is foolish because I may not have enough money for myself later- yet God tells us when we serve and give others- we will be blessed by Him beyond measure and truly heaven will pour down much more than we have given upon us. Often when I tell people I want to go on another mission trip and spend another year of service later in Africa or a foreign country, they tell me it's stupid, expensive, and useless. But no- serving God, sacrificing time and money, for the "least of these" is exactly what Christ calls us all to do (in very completely different ways and times).

For the last four months I have been struggling with what I should do with my life, or more importantly what Christ is calling me to do with my life. For a long time, I have wanted to study physical therapy. I have wanted to get a doctorate in PT- with a 6 year course at Southern and Andrews or Florida hospital- and then specialize in pediatric aquatic therapy. But lately I have been feeling Christ's leading in a slightly different direction.

While I still feel called to continue studying Physical therapy, I am also planning to major in Global Policies and Services- a career that opens opportunities to serve as a missionary, start a nonprofit, work for government services, or other non profits, and teaches about world issues. I am extremely excited what God will do and where He will lead me- because I am extremely passionate about advocacy and world issues. As of right now, the plan is to get a Global Policies and Services Major and then attend PT school =)

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