Monday, February 10, 2014

Tribute to my missionaries

Here is for the girl who washed the dishes that weren't hers when she wasn't on dish duty.
Who held my hand when I was getting a shot.
Who wiped my tears when I was homesick.
And who smiled even when her tummy really hurt.

She taught me love day by day.
When she would let the kids jump on her
Even though they were wet and reiked
When she would laugh instead of whine
When things didn't work out
She was kind to everyone all the time and never lost her temper

She took care of us all
And we will always call her mommy
Beautiful mommy goose =)

Here is for the guy that would always help you out
When rats were in the room, or spiders, or beetles
When he wasn't throwing them at your face
He was saving the day and rescuing you

Here is for the man who kids searched for and called
Like he was some celebrity
But really simply because he took the time to play with them
Every single day even when he was tired

He was our leader
Our man who was there for us
He will always be our roaring manly lion

Here is for the chick
Who can rock and dance to any song
Befriend anyone
And make even the saddest kids smile

She was never sad or angry
But was always singing, always hugging, always laughing, always encouraging
She taught us dances
And she made memories with us
She turned problems into adventures and stories that will never be forgotten

She is our cheerleader, our star athlete, our counselor when we are sad
She is our happy giraffy

Never think that you didn't make a difference because the rest of us can think of a million ways in which you did. Sometimes the people you influence the most are not the people you come to serve- but the people you live and spend every moment with. You have influenced us. You are our family. And you guys will never be forgotten. (# Wedding table 2015) Love you guys forever!

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