Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lover of this world

I'm reading and memorizing 1st John with my friend Bernice Bouzy. We are being blessed and learning so much about God and His word. I sincerely encourage you to join us in memorization. It's funny because God works in so many crazy ways. For the last 4 days He has given me the Biblical notification of "read 1 John 2" exactly where I need to work on memorizing right to my phone when I open it. It's crazy because my phone has no idea I was memorizing 1st John and normally switches to a different chapter every day. Coincidence? I think not! God wants us to memorize and learn His word. I was reflecting on 1 John earlier and this is a short devotional I found on it.

'If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." —1 John 2:13-17.
No man can love two opposites any more than he can walk in contrary directions at the same time. No man can at once be mean and magnanimous, chivalrous and selfish. We cannot at the same moment dress appropriately for the arctic regions and the tropics. And we cannot wear the habits of the world and the garments of salvation. When we try to do it the result is a wretched and miserable compromise. I have seen a shopkeeper on the Sabbath day put up one shutter, out of presumed respect for the Holy Lord, and behind the shutter continue all the business of the world! That one shutter is typical of all the religion that is left when a man "loves the world" and delights in its prizes and crowns. His religion is a bit of idle ritual which is an offence unto God! So I must make my choice. Shall I travel north or south? Which of the two opposites shall I love—God or the world? Whichever love I choose will drive out and quench the other. And thus if I choose the love of God it will destroy every worldly passion, and the river of my affections and desires will be like "the river of water of life, clear as crystal."-- John Henry Joet

Thus I must ask you as I ask myself the question: What do you love of the world?

Music,  movies,  food, the competition, boys, gossip, popularity, immodest clothing, earthly success? As we grow closer to Christ, the desire for these things should fade away. And if they are not, maybe we need to re- evaluate our walk with Him. Yes, it might mean we are a little weird, strange, "Christian", "goody good" deemed sometimes- but at least it's different- and it's of Christ.

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