Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let it go

It's been a long time since I've written about what's been going on here in Peru.  I've been back from vacation for one month and 19 days now, it's crazy how fast time is going by. I've definitely gotten adjusted to Peru time down here- meaning that everything is a bit slow, relaxing, smell the flowers, we try not to push or rush things. I'm sure I will miss Peru time like crazy when I go home. The little things like drinking green tea, just talking to some of the neighborhood kids, having ample time whenever you need to study God's word, having praise and worship sessions with all the sm's here...

Yes we do work, but we never have a tight schedule. We do our jobs in our time and try to help out and around as much as possible. What work have we been doing lately?

* Clinic- I'm really excited about how much I've been learning and participating in clinic lately. I learned how to take blood sugar and can help cleaning up cuts and wounds. I am really enjoying helping and knowing what I'm doing. I gave a shot to a little kid the other day- broke my heart- but really it wasn't too bad.

* Swimming- We had our first swimming class last Monday. It was a little chaotic- ok actually major chaos- because a few of our teachers were sick, but overall I loved just being able to be a mermaid again and get back into the water.

* Teaching English- I'm teaching an English class at 4:15 on Mondays and Fridays. There were a lot of excited kids that came to learn. It was kinda like a mini classroom session in our clinic with a marker board, and a ton of games, and caramels as motivation.

* Taekwondo- the kids have been going , but I haven't been for a while. I'm starting again, going once a week, every Wednesday to help with the class.

*Cooking- Lately I've been a little Pinterest crazy (I mean I have wifi now so what am I supposed to do ;) I've been trying a ton of different recipes which is really fun: lentil burgers, crepes, granola bars, (more like cookies), smoothies, creative spaghettis...

While it's been winter time and snowy in good ol' America- we've been sweating like crazy down here and just two days ago I got pretty lobster fried at the pool teaching day one of swimming lessons. It was funny because I came back all red and burnt, just to see all the facebook pictures my friends had posted of the snow. It's a different world out there.

It's been nice having the new missionaries down here to brighten things up (even though we terribly miss Allie, Arrie, and Seth). It's fun to get to know new people and each of the four new sm's bring different gifts and jokes to the table. One of them (Bryson)  has been asking us for his rotten food items so he can work on his homemade fly contraption (trap). He also chooses to sleep outside in his hammock most nights. Another one is starting a basketball program with the kids at the orphanage (Phil). Kirsten is super sweet and my new running motivational buddy! Kaleb plays guitar and sings super well and is amazing at leading worships and church services. I'm thankful that they're all here.

Southern is taking a mission trip down here in March so we're doing our best to prepare for them. While they are here, they will be leading evangelism meetings and doing daily clinics. For me, I've been given the job of coordinating the  children's evangelism program and working with Southern's volunteers once they get here. I am excited but it's a big job as there will be over 50 kids in one location. Right now I'm thinking of doing a "Fruits of the Spirit" theme and I'm trying to plan lesson plans in Spanish, crafts, games, and dramas for all of the kids. (If you have any creative ideas let me know). I would like to have a health and spiritual application about each fruit of the day and let all of the kids try a different fruit. Watermelon, bananas, oranges, grapes, and lemons. I've been quite careful lately not to touch those lemons lately ;)

I've been thinking a lot lately about majors, summer plans, and what I should do with the rest of my life. I keep going back and forth between GPS, physical therapy, Emergency Disaster and Relief... I think God's telling me to just let it go. He will direct my life and in the right time- I need only to trust Him. Slowly and steadily I believe that He is opening and closing the right doors for me. I do appreciate prayer as I am trying to have faith and follow God.

Ecclesiastes 4:6 Better is a handful, with quietness, than two handfuls with labor and striving after wind.

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