Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bible Studies with friends

I've never given Bible studies before.

I've counseled campers, given Biblical encouragement to my friends, led vacation Bible school, been in Bible classes before I could tie my shoes, and studied in Sabbath School since cradleroll..

Yet I've never ever given a person a Bible study.

It just baffles me- similar to the way people who have never ever heard the story about Jesus and have no idea that He's coming soon baffle me. Or going into houses and seeing people that appear to live like I do but realizing they have a house, and a bed, and a few clothes- and that's it- it makes you think.

How could I declare myself a follower of Christ and never share the Word with someone else?

 The Word is the most essential thing- our light when we are walking in a dark and scary jungle, our map when we are lost in a foreign country, our hope when we feel we are drowning in the sea.The Word is alive and active sharper than any two edged sword.

How can we fight the battle between Christ and Satan without it?
It's impossible- we will lose. End of story. If we do not open our Bible's to God's word and equip ourselves everyday- we will lose the war- and Satan will win the key to our souls.

Today I gave Bible studies from 8:30- 2. To be honest, I didn't even really give them. I was there (one of two white missionary gringos to support the Peruvian pastor; maybe we vamp up the Peruvian's curiosity who knows). Nevertheless, I walked house to house where we would meet with the family, pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal himself, and study the Word. It was powerful and eye opening.
I know this will not be the last time I will be giving Bible studies.

I learned some powerful things while I was giving Bible studies. I was also impressed that Bible studies needs to be something that I'm constantly giving- in the states or in Peru. There are so many people that have never heard the Word of God, and if we know Him and His love, we have a responsibility to share! It's an exciting thing- it's a privilege. Ok three things I learned from day 1 of giving Bible studies:

1. For one, how beautiful, holy, and special it is when we gave Bible studies to an entire family. With every child present, eyes wide open, it was amazing and God was at work. Why are families falling apart? It's because they're not putting Christ at the center of their everything- as a family you have to cling to Christ and God spending time in study together. Because where two or three meet, there is power.

2. God is alive, real, and exciting. Have you ever watched the face of someone who was never told that Jesus was coming back soon? Have you ever seen someone's eyes and hearts be opened to the Sabbath, because no one before had ever taken the time to explain it to them. Today we studied a Sabbath lesson with one lady and her family and she burst into tears because she knew she had been doing wrong. How's that for spiritual conviction? Where is our passion and our excitement when we study God's word. Something is wrong if we're not constantly jumping up and down, falling on our knees, singing out "hallelujahs", or constantly tackling our Christian friends to tell them what we discovered. Maybe we're dead or something- numb- or sleeping when God is trying to reveal His truth to us.

3. Satan is doing everything in His power to keep us from opening God's word and one of his biggest deceptions and tools is the media. Today there was a ten year old boy who we are studying with. He cared a lot about the Bible.. until He realized there was this totally great tv show on at the same time. He would run back and forth from tv to Bible study, until all he wanted to do was watch television. That was the devil at work. It's so evident that the devil uses the media to distort beauty, sexuality; families; relationships; and destroy our peace so that we are always comparing ourselves to others and always wanting more.

I had a really great day today, trying something different, and giving Bible studies with my friends. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to go out and learn about how to study with someone else. It's really not that hard and there is Bible study guides that you can simply follow with them and read through the texts before. I really challenge you to pray about stepping out of your comfort zone and giving Bible studies to some friends or even strangers in your community. I think you will learn a lot and be blessed.

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