Friday, January 24, 2014

An Ocean

An Ocean

Your love is like an ocean
You will never dry away
Your grace doesn't abound in seasons
But in constance like the waves
Your power like the rushing, roaring, waves
That can knock anyone off astray
Your mystery incomprehensible
Like strange creatures in the bay

When we dive in
Head first, heart given in abandon
And choose to swim, float, and surf
No matter what may happen

That's when you help us rise and jump
And teach us to walk on water
We fear not what the Oceans bring
Because we have access to their maker

We went to the beach yesterday- the Pacific Ocean- and I loved it! The place I feel God most out of anywhere in the world is at the Ocean. Some people fear it- the sharks, jelly fish, huge waves- but I feel God there. When your swimming in the Ocean you just have to believe. Just like our walk with Christ, there will be waves that knock you off your feet, in circles, and cause you to gasp for air. But don't panic, you will stand up again and each wave you take on prepares you for an even bigger one. Just keep swimming- little by little- and you'll make it. Just keep following God- day by day- and trust me, you'll be ok!

I absolutely LOVE surfing. I'm definitely just a beginner. I've been maybe 5 times total, but the adrenaline of riding a wave just makes me go crazy. Yesterday I got a surfing lesson and a huge board. It wasn't totally necessary, but it did make it extremely nice to be able to catch and ride so many waves much easier. The Pacific Ocean was frigid- out on the coast of Lima in Mariflores- but the wet suits made it quite warm and we had an amazing time!

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