Sunday, December 15, 2013

This world

1 Corinthians 9:13.. "You are still worldly.."

Why do we care about the latest movies are the famous celebrity gossip? We are not of this world nor it's deceiving media.
Why do we spend hours a day painting our faces, straightening our hair, or primping as if we have nothing worth while to do? We need not desire the things this world deems "hott" because we have been granted the indescribable beauty of being created in Christ's image.
Why do we waste our money on clothes, shoes, or the latest gadgets? Do we not know that our money is not our own but Christ's who believes in sacrificing and giving to others above self? He will provide for us our needs and daily bread.
Why do we rush around stressing out, neglecting our family and friends who mean the most to us? Do we not know that everything not of God is meaningless and success will soon fade. God created us to invest time and love into relationships every day.
Why do we gossip behind each other's backs, complaining or grumbling in secrecy? Do we not remember that every person we encounter is our brother or sister that we are to edify. Our job is to help them discover more of Christ through us.
Why do we hate? Why do we judge? Why can't we love?
Do we understand that without God this is impossible- but with the Spirit of Christ living in us- our lives can be transformed.

So may our prayer be every day "More of you and less of me God" because living both for the things of this world and the things of God is simply not possible.

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