Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas in Peru

It's all about perspective right?
Well this Christmas Meggy and I are thankful...
 *that we're not eating cow liver: the orphanage's meal for Christmas Eve
*it's raining: we can pretend it's snow, plus it cools the place down
* We have an SM family that loves us very much. They brought us Christmas lunch!
*My secret sister is my best friend! She brought me Nutella- that sweet chocolate stuff- I got to eat by the spoonful at the orphanage.
* We have 89 Christmas presents for orphans plus a few extra and we get to be Santa's Elves and deliver all of them.
*We have families back home that love us unlike the orphans.
* We have nice mattresses to sleep o and huge mosquito nets unlike the ones we have at K38.
*We have baby whipes so that we don't have to take nasty bucket showers every day.
* We got dance practice Christmas Eve for 3 hours!! We quit early but the orphans continued until 1am!
* I don't live at the orphanage and work with AMOR Projects =)

7 am- Wake up to the breakfast bell and help serve breakfast (2 pieces of bread) to all the orphans
8 am- Help at house 1 and play with a few of the older girls
9 am- Go back to our house and prepare for delivering the Christmas gifts
9:30 am- See our SM family; Deliver presents house to house in the rain
11 am- Sing songs and show the "true meaning of Christmas youtube video" with all the kids. Pass out oranges and homeade sugar cookies.
1 am- Help serve lunch to the orphans, sneak away trashing our dinner
1:30 am- Eat Stephanie (our lovely sm's fresh cooked lunch for us: mashed potatos, green beans, stuffing, rolls, and cranberry sauce! She's amazing!)
2- Fall into our beds for our break fanning ourself as the sweat drips down our pieces
4- Go help children in different houses
6- Serve dinner to the orphanage children. Eat with the boys table
7- Tell the kids goodnight. Walk to our house exhausted. Read our Bibles, pray, and talk about how we wish we could tell our parents and friends in the states goodnight.
Feliz Navidad Todos!

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