Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Nut House- Thanksgiving Style

What happens when you put 15 co-ed college students, 2 one year old twins, and one 3 year old energetic boy in one house? Welcome to the nut house similar to cheaper by the dozen's family adventures minus the parents ;) Sometimes their is drama, sometimes huge masses of cooking, lots of messes, and extra extra loud noise- but always tons of joy and action. It's only 3 days away from Thanksgiving here and tomorrow we are starting the festivities with gift giving and cookies for all the kids around Pucallpa. Then Wednesday at the school where we teach we're having a big cook off competitions  with lots and lots of food. For thanksgiving day our whole sm family will come together and the k38 farm workers will get a day off and we'll swim and cook a missionary feast.

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