Thursday, November 14, 2013

Teacher Brooke

Yet again I'm a teacher =) (Following the footsteps of my superhero mom and dad!)  I taught in Korea this summer for 2 weeks and I really enjoyed it. Now I get the opportunity to teach English twice a week at an Adventist school here in Peru.  I've taught for 3 days so far- long days starting with a 6:30 am motocart ride from our clinic and ending at about 5:30. I'm really excited for the opportunity to teach a little bit here in Peru. Not only is it tremendously helping me with my Spanish, it's something new and exciting to switch things up for a little bit.

The kids here are so funny, sweet, and cute. They just love having Americans help them with their classes. Many of the girls are continuously coming up to me and calling me pretty or asking me if my blue eyes are real. Then after I tell them that yes they are real, they move on to the touch and feely stage of my hair. They think my hair is pretty even though it is mostly in a bun at school. Little do they know my hair is only long dreads. I told them one day I would show them my hair all the way down.

My friend and I assist the English teacher at the Adventist school and teach lessons for her different classes. We help with six classes in total some younger kids about 4th grader age and some for young teens around grade 8 or 9.  The generosity of the English teacher we work with as well as the other teachers of the school is astounding. They are so kind to us! Every day after school ends at 1:30 the English teacher has us over to her house for a Peruvian- home- cooked lunch. Even when her two children were sick with chickenpox and fever she still cooked us a huge homemade meal. She is just so warm and welcoming to us always providing for any of our needs.

Who would have thought being a teacher could be so exhausting? By the end of the day I am so tired and simply want to have a little alone time with myself and God. This week we've been quite busy with the continuation of evening evangelism seminars. My friend and I were commenting on how much energy it really takes to be Christ like. All throughout the day whenever we see kids we are constantly bombarded with hugs, kisses, questions, and noise- sometimes I just want to go in my room, shut the window (where kids peak in often to see where we sleep) and turn on earphones. But then I remember why I'm here. I 'm here because of Jesus and He lives in me- not my selfish self. So when I'm exhausted He gives me the strength I need to smile and talk and act excited to play with kids and more kids.. and more kids =)

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