Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jungle Adventure

Sometimes the best thing in the world is to be alone and to truly breathe in God and nature without any distractions. This past weekend I got to spend some time on an abandoned medical boat and I was really restored by the calm and the stillness and getting to spend some true quiet time with God.

Quietness is something I have learned to treasure because here at AMOR I hardly have five minutes to myself or to be alone. I have been here for 2 months and 3 weeks now! Totally crazy! But those 3 months and 3 weeks have been exciting and noisy so this time on the boat was especially appreciated.

Here is what I journaled about on the boat [ So here I am today in a place that seems like Paradise. I am on a boat. Yes that is right I am sitting on top of a medical outreach boat at Peru Projects looking out into the jungly Ucayali River, passing riverboats, huge trees, and wild aninmals. I praise God for brining me here to this boat right now because this quietness is exactly what I needed. It is pathfinder weekend and there is a ton of excited kids everywhere and lots and lots of noise.

I think I am in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am surrounded by lush overgrown trees filled with monkeys and crazy birds. I hear the jumping of Little pyrhana fish in the wáter below me and I look far off to see pink fins of river dolphins in the distance. I hear the gentle roaring of the long boats that transport goods down through the Ucayali. yes this is truly Paradise!

I love Peru Projects because it is definitely the Amazon jungle like you truly imagine it. There is only one part of the jungle that truly bothers me. Can you guess what it is- snakes! I had a special Little snake adventure after our treasure hunt.

Saturday night we had a really fun treasure hunt for all of the Pathfinder children in the dark. Yes in the dark because in Peru things get a Little bit crazy. During the scavenger hunt all of us leaders had to hide in different áreas around the Project. I chose to hide in the boat and climbed to the very very top. I just layed down and watched the stars singing out to God. It was quite a long wait before alleek 40 of my Pathfinder group found me.

After the hunt, I walked with my Pathfinder girls back to the room only to find a huge snake perched right above our door! It was terrifying! We all yelled and ran under the snake to get to our room as fast as we could. Then we called for the doctor to come rescue us. The doctor came running ad after playing a dangerous game of piñata with the 5 foot 3 inch in diameter snake it finally crashed to the floor dead.

One more crazy part of our Pathfinder jungle camping adventure was swimming in the Ucayali! yup thats right we swam in the river with pyrhannas. Then we climbed the boat and jumped off the top it was like 30 feet! It was so much fun and so crazy!

The weekend was definitely a true jungle adventure!

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