Saturday, November 30, 2013

In the Valley

My bff Katie Kat and I have a little joke about the so called "valley" deemed torturous by past student missionaries. You see the valley is the "place"/ "level" you reach when your mission experience no longer seems encouraging and positive but more normal, discouraging, and rough. The valley is where you hit rock bottom and have a hard time continuing to serve God.

It's funny because about a month after arriving in Peru Katie and I both were all "We reached the valley... wahhhh. We miss home. la la la" Then 2 months into it were like "ok we lied, we reached the real valley now (boo hoo)". And finally now after three months plus we laughingly say "We've hit the valley!!!" But now we say "Were definitely in the valley but we haven't hit rock bottom yet thus we will keep going" =)

We've gotten to the beautiful point where we laugh more about our struggles and joke about them instead of whining quite so much. For example, this week we have leeches in our showers (LEECHES), a rat got into my suitcase, we lack clean water, we have huge beetles, a large turkey claw thrown into my stomach, we were covered in big mud puddles, and 2 missionaries were threatened to be put into prison for doing good!! 

It's funny because although Holiday season is a little hard being here. I really miss my old friends and family more than I used too. I am also being captivated by Peru and the people here. I do love it here. I love the work I do! I love teaching swimming lessons; I love the dirty kids that cling to me and beg me to play with them or teach them English. I love teaching at the school and talking to the students. They do the cutest things like hide pimples with stickers or stick chocolate cookies in their white shirt pockets and try to pretend that I can't see them stealing little nbintes =) Oh my they are cute. I love learning Spanish slowly but surely. I even don't mind helping in the clinic, giving shots, or prescribing medicine. I know that I will never forget this place and that it is changing my life forever.

I've been here 100 days and I know that I won't come back to the states the same way I left. My heart is really being broke for the kids and the people here especially for the orphans and the kids that have no families. I am really seeing a different perspective of life.

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