Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday time

Wow I can't believe that Thanksgiving is in 3 days and my family has just made the long haul to frigid Illinois to spend the holidays with family! It doesn't exactly feel like thanksgiving here especially with the sun beating down on us. Yet I have a lot to be thankful for! Yesterday six of us girls visited the orphanage for our sister ship mentor ship program and finger painted with the girls. I am so excited that we are able to go to the orphanage every week now and really be a part of the girls' lives! We have also raised around $1100 for the kids at the orphanage' Christmas presents and this Friday we will begin the Christmas shopping. I have amazing friends here who are like family to me! I love each and every one of them. I also get to talk to my family back home at least twice a week! I am also very thankful for my health. We are exposed to a lot here but God is so good to us!  So ya sure I miss things like family, turkey, and a clean shower- but as my dad says I've already had 18 years of American thanksgivings with them. I might as well enjoy the one I have here.          So much has been happening here lately I hardly know what to say. We're babysitting the 3 kids who are so sweet yet a ton of work! The little boy started to call me mommy which was really sweet but slightly worrisome so I am teaching him to call me "Tia" or aunt. I feed, bathe, and put him to bed every night but all of the sm's are really pitching in to take care of the kids. Some watch the babies; we all take turns. It's a really beautiful thing how Megan and Nelly initiated the entire thing and started helping this poor desperately sick mom. And now we have the children and are doing our best to love them as Christ would. I don't think the mother knows Jesus so we can pray that because of our help she experiences his love. It's looking like she'll have about a week more in the hospital so that means a week more with our adopted kids.          Monday was so much fun helping at the orphanage and our second week with our orphan sisters. My sister's name is Gabriella. She is a lesbian girl so I am doing my best to relate and show her Jesus. We finger painted with all of the girls and we are really starting to bond with them. Next week we are planning to have a spa day with the girls and help them fix their hair, paint their nails, and teach them about good hygiene. The girls are really loving us and they hug and hug on us not wanting us to go.

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