Friday, November 22, 2013

Busy and happy

Wow has it really been 3 months? Can Thanksgiving really be next Thursday?? There's this totally crazy feeling in my head that I've lived here so long but yet time is starting to go by so fast! I'm excited that lately work at AMOR has been uber exciting and fun. I'm also dumbfounded with how fast November is going.

There's so many projects going on right now. Here are some updates on everything that has been happening around here.

 I've been teaching every Tuesday and Wednesday which is a really enjoyable experience. We wake up super early at 5:45 am and then Bernice and I take a motorcar alone to school. The kids are crazy and so hilarious. We are meeting two of them this Sunday at an ice cream shop just to talk. Teaching is also helping me learn Spanish a lot! I'm finally noticing some big improvements in my level of speaking and I have hope that if I keep practicing I will be conversational by April.

We have about 45 kids attending swimming classes right now- lots of new kids. Our old kids have leveled up and the swimming teachers are much more proficient this time around because they know exactly how to teach. It's really exciting watching the kids make progress.

Health Seminars
We are planning a 6 day health seminar that we want to share with the community of Pucallpa as well as with neighboring cities. We will be teaching the public about good hygiene, teeth brushing, basic first aid, emergency medication, nutrition, and mental health. We have divided up into different areas and are working on making slideshows and notes for each. I'm working on creating a presentation on cuts and deep wounds as well as CPR and how to treat choking victims.

We have switched a few things up but we are still running strong. This Saturday we will be taking all the Pathfinders to the hospital to visit different patients. This Sunday we are learning how to make tents. Soon in about 3 weeks we will be having another Pathfinder campout out at our own K38.

The clinic has been running pretty smoothly lately. We all understand our different duties. Lately we even been getting the opportunity to practice minor surgeries which is pretty cool. I've watched a few tumor removals which is interesting. We have also started studying different medical topics. We just finished studying Dengue fever (scary!) and we're currently studying Type 2 Diabetes.

Christmas Orphanage Project
$1000 and 200 beanie babies raised which is so great! I'm overjoyed and so excited! I'm hoping we can raise a little bit more in the next couple weeks and soon we will start Christmas shopping for all the orphans! I honestly  am stunned about how God has been working and how a dream has truly become a reality thanks to all your help!

As you can see, a lot has happening. God has been blessing us! I want to thank you all for your prayers and support!

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