Saturday, November 9, 2013


This past week was busy and exciting in more ways than one. I went to the school for the first time where I will be teaching English to kids at the Adventist school in Pucallpa. I had 3 swimming parties for my swim kids classes and 26 kids passed into the next Red Cross swimming level. I also talked to the orphanage about a new brother sister orphanage project we are starting where we will be mentoring students who have special needs. Tomorrow us missionaries will sing our traditional "Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye" fairwell song as we chase 3 of our student missionaries Raph, Ian, and Michael away and say goodbye. They are flying back to the good old United States.

Tonight is Acrofest back in Texas and it makes me just a little bit homesick to think that I could be there participating with Southern and seeing my cousin and many of my best friends. Sometimes I definitely do miss my friends and family back home alot! There are times when I just don't have the energy to continue or to smile or laugh with kids. That's when God really speaks me to my heart and gives me His strength to continue. I really do love mission work and despite all the struggles here (including my latest WORMS!!! gross I know) I feel like I was made for this!

So I will now be teaching English 2 days a week at the Adventist school at Pucallpa and I am really excited. Throughout the day I will teach a few classes with the older students around ages 15-17 and then after lunch at the local Peruvian teacher's house I will teach younger students an enrichment English program. I am teaching with my friend Bernice and I am really looking forward to learning alot of Spanish as you definitely have to know a little to teach the lessons well. We will leave the clinic at 6:30 am and return about 5:30 pm so some days will definitely be long!

Just yesterday I got to assist/ mostly watch my first minor surgery. I definitely learned that I have no desire to be a surgeon as I walked Dr. Matthews slice into a tumor and pull out a huge glob of bloody tissue. It was fascinating none the less and I was grateful for the opportunity to learn.

We have evangelism clinics going on this week at nights so that is quite exciting as well as exhausting. There is actually a pretty good turnout- probably 30 adults and 40 children- which is really amazing!

It's crazy to think that I've been here 2 months and 3 weeks. Sometimes it seems like I have been here an eternity. I definitely miss all of my friends and family from back home and I can't say enough how much I appreciate all your support, packages, and all the sweet cards. Thank you also for helping me raise money for the orphanage kids' Christmas project! I believe right now we have around $800 and I just can't wait to start Christmas shopping with the other SM's and then later get to live with the orphanage kids for 20 days!

Dios de bendiga - God bless =) With love, Brooklyn

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