Monday, October 28, 2013


This is an orphanage- not a home but a refuge. A place full of smiles even though the kids who live here have suffered far too much for their age. It's hard to describe the feelings you get when you visit this place. Your heart breaks and aches in a different way than ever before. You see things and problems you never imagined could exist for such innocent children. Yet the kids love and trust you with a love so pure that it must be heavenly. They kiss you and beg you not to leave them. They want to be held, want to be loved, want to be embraced close to you. They adore you even though you have done nothing for them. So you lavish them with kisses on their heads and cheeks, you spin them around in airplane circles until you're too dizzy to walk, and you sing ring around the rosy as loud as you can. Hoping and praying to God that someone special adopts each one of the special children soon.

It's hard not to ask God why? Why could He allow all these sweet children to be in an orphanage receiving only minimum care? Why would He allow the special needs kids to be abandoned in a place where they can't receive what they need? Why are children hungry and suffering and without loving parents or brothers and sisters?

But what if God asked us the same? What if He said these people are your neighbors, your friends, your brothers and sisters in Christ? I gave you money.. so you could bless them. I gave you parents to teach you how to love.. so that you could love these kids. I blessed you.. so that you could bless them.
What have you done with the gifts I have given you? How have you helped them?

It's our responsibility to care for the orphans. It is our responsibility to help the needy. If God has blessed you, He has blessed you so you can bless others.

I pray that God opens your eyes so that you can see the world as He sees it and others the way He views them. If God is calling on your heart to help the orphans, or help the poor, especially this time since Christmas is approaching, I challenge you to consider donating to the Christmas Orphanage Project that my SM friends and I are working on. We are trying to provide special Christmas bags to all 87 kids and we will be delivering them to the kids personally. I will also get to spend 19 days from December 24th to January 12th living at the orphanage and helping each of these kids- spending Christmas celebrating God's son with them.

Please check out my link that tells more about the project and consider donating to

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