Saturday, October 19, 2013


I had the most amazing afternoon visiting the kids orphanage in Pucallpa. There's 87 children at this orphanage and 10 have severe special needs . There are five different houses and we got to go in all of them and meet all of the children who were precious but oh so needy! The orphanage is run by the government of Peru and children can stay there until they are 20 years old. In addition to children, there are some young girls who live their with their babies who were born premi or with problems. Many of these young pregnant girls are only 14-16 years old (so sad)!

I met this one beautiful boy who ran and jumped into my arms. He was 8 years old but the size of a four year old. From the moment I picked him up, he never stopped kissing me. He kissed my face, my neck, my arms, and my shirt. He was precious but had some terrible disease.

I met another girl who was 14 who had a baby and had lived at the orphanage since she was 2. The baby was a year old meaning she got pregnant when she was 13. The girl was so sweet and excited to talk to me. She was so excited at the idea of me returning to see her and wanted me to promise that I would come back at Christmas.. which brings me to my next idea...

My friend Megan and I want to volunteer in the orphanage for 2 weeks and help out with taking care of the kids. We plan on doing this while the current missionaries at the orphanage have to leave for travel break which is December 24th thru January 12th. We haven't got all the permissions we need to do this yet but we're praying about it and seeing if it is possible right now.

We also will be getting to visit the orphanage every Saturday afternoon now! I am so excited to get to see the kids more and play with them. They have so many needs though and Christmas is coming up soon. I would really like to get them each a special Christmas present.

My idea: Operation Orphanage Christmas Child It's similar to Operation Christmas Kids where you make shoe boxes with gifts for kids and send them across the world. I want to do that and make Christmas bags for each of the kids in the orphanage. That means we need 87 gift bags complete with goodies, toothbrushes, brushes for the girls, little toys, and candy. I think it's totally possible! We have 19 missionaries here at AMOR and we are all going to try and work together. What we need is money from back home, the United States, so that we can buy supplies and candy for the kids here. Then on December 13th, the Friday before some of our team takes off for travel, we will have a Christmas bag stuffing party and on Christmas we will pass out all of the gift bags to the kids. So yes this means I need to ask money from you guys, all my friends and family. I'm sorry, I do hate asking for money. But this is something I feel that is so worth it and will mean so much to these kids. These kids hardly have any toys and they hardly have anything to call their own. They are going to be so happy this Christmas because of us. I know that this is something that I can do to make a difference. So now I'm asking for your help!! Please message me for more details and I will be writing more about my ideas and about this project later =)

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