Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's Peru Whatcha Gonna Do

I want to share with you some recent, distinctly Peru stories and happenings..

*The toilet/shower mishap starring Kaity Kat and Brooklyn-- I tried to use the bathroom at church which I thought was the shower. You have to climb up into this wooden house and Katie told me to look for a hole up there. Well I climbed up there and I didn't see no hole. Good thing I waited because the lady of the shower came running out yelling that I was about to go to the bathroom in her shower haha and Katie Kat redirected me to the other big box with a curtain where I could use the little hole in the center. Good times- it's Peru ;)

* Betty's Birthday Party was tonight and it was quite the party. I gotta give it to the Latino and Hispanic culture- they party it up big. We were at the party from 7 to 10:30 and they had food and cake as well as some fun games such as kiss the baby, pass it to the next person, and kiss the baby again. Then you have to say in Spanish that you have worms wherever you kissed the baby. We also played "hot potato" with the baby and whoever got stuck with the baby had to do a stupid and embarassing punishment like dance like an old lady, be a statue, or cry and laugh your name in front of the circle. It was quite entertaining and pretty fun.

*Pucallpa Festivities- This entire week has featured festivities and celebrations throughout Pucallpa because it is a holiday. There's been balloons, cotton candy, tons of traffic, live bands, and even a cultural Peruvian dance.

* My blood test results have still not came in! Apparently they got delayed in Lima so I have to go back Monday to make sure my hand is ok. It's alot less swolen but their are still blisters and disolored. I'm very thankful for God for His healing yet God's not done yet and I still don't know the reason/ cause behind what happened.

*Ukeles are so special here in Peru. We do so many worships with them and I am excited to say that my friend Katie Kat is going to teach me how to play. I find it really beautiful and the kids just love being sung too.

*Tomorrow is our first Pathfinder hike. Each of us Pathfinder leaders has our own little troup of girls or guys. Last week we taught them 5 knots and the Pathfinder Pledge (in espanol)! Tomorrow we're hiking 5k, working on the flower and bugs honor as well as the beginning swimming honor. I really love helping with Pathfinders and am beginning to appreciate what a positive impact the program has on so many kids' lives.

*I preached my first sermon today about overcoming your fears in order to follow Christ. It actually went really well- it was my first full sermon I've ever done totally alone. While researching for my sermon, God actually revealed to me some really unique truths about fear: like the fact that Jesus was killed because of our fear! Crazy! Sometimes preaching at our church gets discouraging because of the language barrier I feel like alot of emphasis is lost within translation and half of the church is sleeping. Nevertheless, I know God is working in our church and through our team here.

*Our first communion service was this Friday night with all of the SM's here and it was such a blessing. We sang a bunch of songs and then washed each other's feet. It was just so purifying and it reminded me of the story of Mary Magdalene washing Jesus' feet in the Bible with her te

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