Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lessons I learned from dreading my hair

Ok wow this is definitely one of the craziest things I have ever done, mostly because before I dreaded my hair I LOVED my hair! Before I came to Peru I almost cried at the thought of chopping it all off.. when I heard it might be easier to have short hair in the jungle. Thus my crazy solution DREADS really is pretty extreme for me.
The last six weeks have been full of hard work with mi pelo Rubio (my blonde hair) transforming it into nudos (knots)! What happens is you section your hair into small pieces rubber banding the roots and then back combing starting at the top going down. It's a long, painful process. My hair is crazy thick and in total I think about 5 people have spent about a total of 10 hours knotting up my hair. Ok one big misconception about dreading hair is that it doesn't take maintenance or much work. That is a huge lie! I hate doing my hair and because I didn't maintain my dreads well enough the first 3 weeks this week my friends literally had to rip my hair apart because the dreads had dreaded together. Ouch it was not a fun process! Anyways, I learned my lesson and now roll my dreads almost every day. Hopefully once they become more developed and dreadier I will not need to put so much effort into maintaining them.
Anyways I decided to get dreads because I feel it describes my personality and my motto about life YOLO and YOYO "You only live once" and "Your only young once." I've thought dreads looked pretty cool for a while and I decided to just go for it. Anyways here are some pics of my dreads so far, all natural- no products used =)

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