Monday, October 28, 2013

Boys vs girls

Once in a while things get a bit crazy and the boys decide to attack the girls.

About 3 weeks ago we had frog and beetle wars. Those were disgusting. The boys threw 3 frogs into our room. Once while Arri was showering, she got a nice big frog thrown over the shower. You should have heard her scream from a mile away ;)

About a week ago we had a huge bottle battlefield fight. All of the boys began throwing bottles into my room. Katie and I were in here and not happy. After about 20 bottles filled the ground we decided we needed to fight back. Thus the bottle battle began. 6 girls came into our room and we soon were tossing about 100 plastic bottles back and forth as fast as we could jumping and dodging to try and avoid being hit by the bottles that were coming from the ceiling. It was pretty fun, not gonna lie, kinda like dodgeball but with bottles.

After the bottle warfare, came the bottle chandelier and underwear fight in my room. Gross right? Boys will be boys...

Yesterday though the boys threw a living tarantula into (Not my room praise God) but into Lisa's and Arri's . They were so not happy. I would have been terrified!  Katie Kat and I were in our room and we hid under our bunk quietly hoping they wouldn't hear us so they wouldn't toss one in here. It was like the holocaust. We hid silently listening to the screams and the warfare going out inside our room. All of a sudden we heard banging on the door. We were so scared that it was one of the boys going to do something that we didn't answer it for like 5 minutes. Finally we answered it and let poor Bernice, our dear roomie who was wet from her shower, into our room. Yikes- alot of prank action, but for me tarantulas are just too much.

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