Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Different Perspective

It's amazing how much can change with simply a different perspective.

The way I see the world and the way the Peruvian children I play with every day see it is very different. The way I see the world now and view every day is totally different than I would have viewed it just 4 months ago.

From everything from what I think I need in life to be happy to what God means to me- my perspective is totally changing- and it's a beautiful thing

Peruvian children think that a shower is a special treat- a luxury- that many scarcely recieve. If they do get a shower it is often with a few cold buckets of water.
 They are grateful for any food while I often grumble to myself about the frequent beans or rice, sometimes the lack of protein or nurtrients.
 The kids don't mind bugs or roling around in the mud. Kids here love to sing loud and are excited to learn about God.

To us missionaries here in Peru, peanut butter, showers, a flushing toilet, and mosquito nets are luxuries. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an exciting meal and treat. Cookies sent by mail are like golden nuggets.

To us, not being sick is being able to go to the bathroom properly and having less that 10 new bug bites per day. Bechos or parasites are a constant struggle. Scars and rashes are pretty stereotypical along with the constant bloatedness. Hair never looks pretty- a simple bun or braid is about as fancy as it gets.

Yet here I have more best friends than I have ever had at once. I have a true family of friends my own age who truly know my heart and character. We see each other at our best and at our worst.I believe that these friends will last for a lifetime.

Together we don't care what we look like or how we talk, or what others think of us. We understand when we get frustrated with each other or when someone misses home. Yet we also understand that God is at work at this place and in us all and that He has an amazing plan for us as a group as well as individuals.

I am so grateful to God for bringing me here to Peru this year. He is teaching me so much (from how to cook beans and rice to how to tie rockclimbing knots). God is showing me the beauty of following Him and discovering your identity in Christ.

I have a dream.. that one day I can do more to help the people around the world. Being in Peru is really opening my heart to the different ways in which I can serve others around the world. I am really LOVING mission work. I have a dream to go to Africa and serve the people there. I would also love to help in an orphanage. I would like to get my degree as a physical therapist and then serve with a husband (God willing) for some years helping sick children or possibly working for an organization such as World Vision.

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