Thursday, October 17, 2013

8 weeks in Peru

As of today I've been here at AMOR Projects for 8 weeks!! 

Today we had swimming lessons. It was pretty fun. I love the kids: they are so beautiful and they are all learning so fast. It was great being back in the water.

Early this morning something really sad happened here. A little baby, one year old, came to our clinic for emergency help at like 6am in the morning. We woke up the doctor and the doctor called for 2 emergency shots and then a trip to the hospital. Unfortunately during the hospital ride the baby died. The family who lost the baby was really poor and they were all devastated with the loss. It was really hard on alot of us student missionaries here. 

It just goes to show you how much life is worth and how quickly everything can dissappear. Alot of us missionaries here pulled money and later today we are going to visit the family and help them out with some money so that they can put the baby in a coffin- they literally don't have enough to even bury their baby. I think we will try to comfort them, pray over them, and sing with them trying to show them how much we care about their situation.

This afternoon we practiced sultures or stitches. I did about 20 before giving up. I really don't believe I have what it takes to be a doctor. Honestly, I'm just proud of myself for doing that many on that pig. It took me like 3 hours. It was really frustrating and discouraging. I have no desire to continue practicing or to ever do stitches on someone in real life. I definitely think physical therapy is more my thing.

Here in Peru I've had alot of reflective time to think about my life, the things around me, and my future goals. I've been really inspired about ideas on how I can make a difference and what I might want to do with my life. I think I would like to return to Southern and study physical therapy and do more research with aquatic therapy specializing in the water therapies. I would like to help severely injured children do therapy in the US and have a family, but before I do that I would like to help with some global mission work. 

Lately I have become really passionate about Africa and I would like to travel there and serve as a missionary there in the future. I would like to possibly help in an orphanage there. I am also becoming very interested in human sex trafficking and how to help stop that and all the poor girls and children being exploited. I am becoming more and more interested in global problems like poverty, sex trafficking, the need for water, and the many diseases and what I could do to help them.

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