Friday, October 11, 2013

52 days in Peru

I've been here in Peru for 52 days- that thought just baffles me!
I love Peru- I really do- I love mission work and I love this beautiful lush country.
This is life for me now- Peru is becoming my normal- my reality..

Even though I've been sick most of the last two weeks and sometimes I miss certain parts of America, I'm definitely not ready to go back to America. Already time is starting to fly by here.

The children in this country are beautiful- they're dirty and play in the trash for fun- but they are oh so sweet and trusting. They love to play with your hair, sit in your lap, and kiss you on the cheek.

The Peruvians that come to our clinic are very kind and gracious. They come with many diseases and line up hours before the clinic opens to await our treatment. AMOR clinic's medicine supply is stocked completely by volunteer donors.

Their are jugglers on the streets of Peru that juggle in the midst of the motocar traffic. They make me smile every time. Sometimes they are super good and juggle huge machetes throwing them high up in the air.

We travel here by motocar or motorcycle. It's quite thrilling and quite bumpy. Driving on the roads here is like traveling through a carnival. Sometimes you get a mud shower while riding if it has just rained- it's still better to ride though than try and trek through the thick mud where your sandals will get stuck.

Their are these beautiful Peruvian tribal ladies that love to stock us gringos in town. They follow us around with colorful jewelry they spend hours making. They have beautiful tribal skirts with beads and long pretty tops. I would like to buy a skirt from them before I go home. They say that the skirts take them an entire month to make.

The sun here is very strong and fierce. It's so hot during the day that even under shade and with fan, naps are not very likely to be a success. When it rains here it pours. The houses around our project become flooded quite quickly. Everything stops when it rains. It becomes a peaceful time of movies or book reading as well as milew (hot chocolate time) or tea time.

Te quiero Peru =)

P.S. My hands are becoming quite better. The swelling has gone down as well as the pain- thanks be to God! I still need prayers as I am not for sure what it was or what caused it. I also get my final blood test result on Saturday.
It's been discouraging not being able to do much work the past 2 weeks because of sickness. I'm finding God's blessings in the small things like yesterday I got the privilege of giving 4 thirsty little girls clean water. It was something small- yet something I could do- and that made me smile that God will always find ways to use me here and show me that He brought me here for a reason and that He has a purpose for me.
This Saturday I am also preaching the full sermon. I will be talking about not letting your fears get in the way of God's plans for us.
It also looks like a group from AMOR will be getting to travel to Buenos Aires and Lima in January to renew our visas- how exciting =)
Thanks for all your prayers and I love you all-- all my friends and family! I send you kisses and hugs and miss you terribly! Facebook me your address and I might just be able to send you a Peruvian letter ;) Thank you for your prayers! We ALWAYS need them here!! Te quiero!

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